ESG Integration at ZAIS

ZAIS is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment ("UN PRI"). Our ESG Integration policy does not prescribe the types of investments that can or cannot be made but rather creates a framework for integrating these types of considerations into the risk-return analysis.

Impact Investing at ZAIS

ZAIS established its Impact Investing business line to further advance its belief that ESG issues affect companies’ performance, and that well-governed, socially and environmentally conscious enterprises will provide solid and more predictable returns, with fewer crises and other unforeseen adverse events, over the long term.

ZAIS is available to discuss the full range of impact investment opportunities, ranging from negative- and positive-ESG screening to thematic investing and high-developmental impact investments. ZAIS supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and aims to align its Impact Investing opportunities with these goals.

Last revised: October 2019